Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)

Part of the trauma-informed social and emotional wellbeing approach of  this project is the communication of the principles of PTG.

The principles outlined below are the projects uplifting message to Family and Community that is informed by strengths-based social work and positive psychology.
Traumatic experience, like the impacts and loss during and following disaster events, can support us all in rebuilding our lives, and in planning for the future.

  • New Possibilities
  • An increase in our ability to relate to others
  • Reinforcement of our inherent personal strength/s
  • Spirituality, and the awareness and appreciation of nature
  • An increased appreciation of life


Further, based on participant feedback we include an increased appreciation and gratitude for the power and support of community spirit!

We invite You to join us as message-carrier’s and continue to yarn-up these important life-affirming principles in your own way.

Pass the PFD Message Stick on, share its message of hope and healing to those who may benefit from hearing (binang) its positive words.

In appreciation & gratitude,

The Planning For Disaster Team


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